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Ebenezer Church



Grace Baptist Mission


This is an organisation which seeks to spread the message of God  through helping Churches support their missionaries worldwide. Founded in 1861, they currently work in 11 different countries around the world.

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Caring For Life


This is a Christian charity with the aim of sharing the love of Jesus with homeless or vulnerable people by providing accommodation, ongoing support, love and friendship. Founded in 1986, the charity continues to flourish thanks to God's goodness and grace. 

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Middle East Reformed Fellowship


MERF is engaged in encouraging and strengthening the Church throughout the Middle East, North and East Africa, as well as Indonesia and Pakistan. Born in 1971, MERF's ministries include Evangelism, Church extension, Biblical training and diaconal aid.


Canal Ministries


This organistion was established as a direct response to Gods’ calling of Christian boaters who teach and train God’s people in Churches throughout the country, not always by waterways. Click on the image to be taken to their website.

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European Missionary Fellowship


The aim of EMF is to establish Biblical Christianity throughout Europe. This embraces the work of evangelism, church-planting and supporting gospel churches, at the same time encouraging them to become self-governing and self-supporting.

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Missionary Focus

God's Church is all around the world, numbering in the millions. Below are just a handful of the organisations which operate around the globe, seeking to share gospel!