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Jesus is the King of kings (see 1 Timothy 6:15, and Revelation 17:14, 19:16). Think of the most powerful person you know, a political leader, weathly businessmen, dictator or celebrity - Jesus is more powerful than all of these combined. He has authority over the whole earth from the dust on the ground to our hearts and minds.



Having authority and power above all else across the universe, what else can we do but worship Him? He is our Lord, so we worship Jesus because He deserves the glory, power and honour.



Jesus is like no other friend. No matter how difficult your life, how much pain you suffer or how lonely you feel Jesus will always be there for you if you trust in Him. Unlike every other friend and family member, Jesus will never let you down!



He is the one we believe and trust in. He came and died for sinners and so we trust in Him, because there is no other love like His in the universe. Putting faith in idols whether it be money, love or celebrities will never bring you everlasting happiness in heaven.



Those who are in Christ and trust Him, know a peace in their hearts like no other. We have an assurance in life of where we go when we die - Heaven! He brings joy and life to all who call upon His name!



Jesus came to save sinners like us. Everyone is a sinner and deserves God's eternal punishment because we rebelled against Him. But God reached out to us with Jesus and by trusting in Him, we are saved. Those in Christ follow and worship Jesus because of His saving power and love. No matter what sins you have committed in your life, great or small, Jesus can save you! Jesus is the only saviour, who brings eternal joy, peace and salvation!

Jesus is our King, our Lord, our Friend, our Faith, our Assurance, our SAVIOUR

Who is jesus



Almost everyone in the world knows His name, but who is He? Why is He so famous? Why do billions of people worship Him every day?